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Here we have many types of very good free IQ Test exercises to help people to test IQ. As we all know, Intelligence Quotient, also known as, IQ is often said to be related to success in life as well as work and study.

Check IQ by Intelligence Quotient tests

People with high IQ often have the ability to manipulate, process and analyze information in more depth extent with faster speed than normal people. And tools to measure IQ - IQ quizzes (free IQ Tests) - are the most common method people use to test IQ currently.

There are many forms to implement different Intelligence Quotient tests, though most of them are all aiming to assess the ability to analyze, do mathematics, process images as well as memorize and process information of each person.

International High IQ Society’s IQ test

International High IQ Society’s Online IQ test was built on the basis of international Intelligence Quotient Test with high precision and reputation. The test consists of 26 questions to be worked on during 24 minutes will help to determine IQ in about 77-142 SD 15 (equivalent to 95% of the population).

The IQ quiz has 100% image based content, in order to ensure fairness on knowledge and culture of different regions. That means an IQ tester does not need to go to school, is illiterate can still take the test.

Based on quick IQ test scores, people divide testers into different groups of people such as geniuses or ordinary people.

So you're owning a normal or genius brain? Are you in the top 2% the population of the world? Let's go test IQ and find the answer yourself!

Note: The test will automatically stops when time runs out. If your online IQ test score > 130, then you are in the very clever group.

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